Thursday, April 19, 2012

Route Finding in Baja

One of the many ways I am clueless when it comes to The Trip is route finding. The adventure will earnestly begin in Baja, California. (Actually, the only plan I have at this point is to ride down the peninsula, ferry to mainland Mexico, and most likely ship the motorcycle from Panama City to Columbia. I have no idea if or when this trip will end, and have no "must do" items on my agenda.)

Crashmaster in the Adventure Rider forums suggested that, instead of purchasing an off-road route through Baja, to buy the Baja California Almanac, and, combined with Google Earth, plan a route that way. So I bought the "Baja California Almanac." It just arrived at work, and while it is impressively detailed, I still have no idea what to do with it other than carefully rip out the pages and post them on the walls of my office as inspiration.

I imagine that, combined with a good GPS (that I have yet to purchase), I can plan a route from gas station to gas station taking as many dotted line roads as possible. For example, the roads from San Vicente to Colonet appear to offer dozens of ways to get lost and/or kidnapped by narcos:

Is route finding that easy? I imagine, after experience, I will have a better idea of what dotted line roads to take, and what not to take based on factors that I am currently not yet aware of, but I am just going to have to work under the assumption that my route finding is nothing short of awesome because I haven't gotten lost yet (when off-road on a motorcycle).

(In case anyone wants to purchase the maps, I suggest using the above link. There are a lot of re-sellers out there *cough cough* Amazon that mark up the price considerably.)

This weekend, I am off to attend Jimmy Lewis' Off Road Riding School to go off-road for the first time, under the care and guidance of a world class instructor, in the shadow of the lovely city of Pahrump, Nevada.

Baja Adventure Maps:  $28 |  Total Cost:  $5,528

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